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OPINION: Ambler Road will affect caribou, subsistence users

Read an article by Jim Dau, retired caribou biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and long-time Kotzebue resident


OPINION: Many in Northwest Alaska afraid of what Ambler Road will bring

Read an article by Iva Baker, resident of Kotzebue


OPINION: If the Ambler Road is built, it's not just our commercial fishery on the line

Read an article by Andrew Greene, a commercial fisherman in Kotzebue Sound

OPINION: In the Ambler Road discussion, there's no guarantee that nothing will go wrong

Read an article by Reba Jones, member of Shungnak Tribal Council and City Council of Shungnak


Letter: No Ambler Road

Read a letter from Lisa Lee, resident of Shungnak and Protect the Kobuk member.

OPINION: Consider the Ambler Road from a caribou's point of view

Read an article by Cyrus Harris, resident of Kotzebue, former Native Village of Kotzebue tribal council member, and food security advocate


OPINION: We don't need the Ambler Road

Read an article by Sidney Cleveland, resident of Ambler and 34-year employee at Red Dog Mine

OPINION: There’s a lot of talk about what we’d gain from the Ambler Road. But what would we lose?

Read an article by Shield Downey, first chief of Ambler.


OPINION: The Ambler Road would endanger our subsistence way of life

Read an article by Ross Schaeffer, former president of NANA Regional Corporation.

OPINION: Ambler Road would ruin sacred land

Read an article by Angel Stickman, Kuuvangmiit and activist against the Ambler Road.


OPINION: Speaking up on subsistence even in the face of an industrial juggernaut

Read an article by Seth Kantner, resident of Kobuk River and Kotzebue and activist against the Ambler Road.

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